Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Shutter Island"

I went back and forth before finally deciding to go for it since I heard it was "scary." The ever-supreme team of Scorsese and DiCaprio swayed me in. I thought that it should be more than "jump in the dark" kind of thing, right? And it's certainly not the kind of throat-slashing gory since it isn't classified as "horror."  

Ah, was I thrilled! Scorsese scores again... It's ingeniously jaw-dropping, inventive, provocative filled with mystery, intrigue and psychological terror (emphasis on *psychological*). And psychological terror can actually be more terrifying.

While the first half is rather slow-moving during its suspense-building where some tortured-thought scenes tend to drag on or seem excessive, the last third shocks and awes. It makes your hair stand and question which one is the 'real' deal and what to believe. Where does the hallucinations start and end?

The story expounds the profound power of the human mind. The setting, score, lighting, ambiance collectively sets a bone-chilling tone, but ultimately it's the story that seizes. Pay attention to the hints.

THIS is the kind of film that is made for mature audience - AND *messes* with your mind. "Shutter Island" shatters my expectations.

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